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Classrooms are dynamic environments alive with rhythms, tones and relationships, where the children of today build the adults of tomorrow. Research in neurobiology has revealed that significant relationships profoundly shape brain development in young children. Along with family relationships, the bonds and experiences in classrooms can make lasting impressions on the developing brains, bodies and minds of children. At Conscious Kids, we take a mindful approach to building a classroom community based in secure relationships. By developing an attuned, responsive, and loving connection with the children, we are able to share authentic curiosity, humor, sensitivity and understanding that encourages a deep sense of safety, connection and belonging in the classroom. To help children identify, navigate and communicate their experiences, we model and encourage the use of compassionate communication and descriptive language for thoughts, feelings, sensation and behavior. Throughout the day we look for opportunities to facilitate each child’s leading edge of development, including cognitive, social-emotional, and self-regulation skills.

As children play, they observe, absorb, internalize and externalize; all the while building neural networks that enhance or inhibit learning, and construct life shaping perceptions. Playing in an environment that celebrates diversity, creativity and mindful connection encourages children to embody those same qualities. Our school is a studio where the music of character is under construction. At Conscious Kids we see our school as a studio where the music of character is under construction, and each child as an evolving song being composed, practiced and mastered through play and exploration. In such a studio, teachers become mentors who model mindful use of instruments, observers who listen for the tone, rhythm and texture of each child’s music, and conductors who help the children harmonize their personal music with the song of their classroom.



Conscious Kids is a mindfulness based and relationally rooted program committed to joyful learning and growth in a cohesive community. Our mission is to provide a safe, loving environment that inspires meaningful engagement, exploration, and expression in children. We are a play and project focused program, dedicated to helping children build and practice social emotional skills, while nurturing experiences that support independence, initiative, collaboration, innovation and self directed learning.

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