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My husband and I like to refer to Tosh as "The Kid Whisperer"! Our oldest daughter is very selective with who she will let in, but when she met Tosh at 2 years old there was an instant connection. Tosh made her feel seen and safe. When Tosh opened Conscious Kids we felt like we hit the Jackpot!  Not only did we have Tosh who was able to support our daughter socially and emotionally in her magical ways, but we also had a beautiful place for our daughter to play and create that felt like a second home. Now several years and 3 daughters later Tosh's gift keeps on giving. With Tosh's gift to see each child inside and out and her knowledge and ability to then know how to support them, she is able to create a relationship with each child based on a mutual love, trust and respect.  With this special relationship, each of our girls have felt safe to explore, to create, to fail, to succeed and to express themselves. Best of all, Tosh works her magic with lightness and humor--a lot of humor! Tosh's smile and laughter show the joy she finds in her work and that joy is contagious amongst the whole school family. 

Each of our children have come out of Tosh's as happy, independent, confident and mindful young girls. Our family is forever grateful for Tosh and Conscious Kids!

Vanessa Madina


My guilty confession is...I myself look forward to walking through the door of my son's school.  The loving environment and calm spirit at Conscious Kids that Tosh has carefully nurtured is palpable when you walk through the door.  Every member of the school family is seen and celebrated.  When challenges arise, every heart is seen - not only by the teachers, but by the entire school family of children.  It is so beautiful to watch the kids take care of one another and make suggestions to solve a problem, whether it be a creative invention or a wounded heart.  This practice nurtures one of the most valuable take-aways for my son: how to self-regulate emotions around others and consider other hearts besides his own.  With this foundation and this safe environment, he is so free to learn and dream and grow!  Tosh takes such care in learning who each child is, celebrating their assets within the school community, organically creating learning experiences based on their interests and needs, and gently pushing each child to be their best selves.  I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful partner in parenting!”

Heather Walker


I am so happy that I chose Conscious Kids as the school for my son. Tosh is so appreciated. Tosh has the ability and knowledge on how to tune into each individual child. I appreciate how she is able to support my son through his challenges and really highlight and further increase his strengths. Her holistic view of my child really helps me feel like he is genuinely cared for. The philosophy at Conscious Kids is great because it has a good balance of helping children grow in social/emotional ways as well as academically. I love seeing how the children support and motivate one another. I love that my son and we as parents call the school community our school family because it is definitely a place where we feel at home and cared for. The additional care givers that Tosh has at school have also been greatly appreciated and further enhance the feeling of family. 

Denise Jaimes-Villanueva


What has stuck with me most from my son's time with Tosh is how much
she really got to know him. She discovered what motivates him and what
his strengths and weaknesses are. I really feel like his unique individuality
was honored and celebrated. She approached learning in a way that got
through to him. By sharing with me, it has helped me be a better parent
to him and has given me a better understanding of him.

I greatly appreciate the loving, nurturing, playful, fun and creative
environment that Tosh provided. Her observant, deeply caring,
thoughtful, patient and knowledgeable way with children is remarkable. I
am so grateful for the time our son was able to spend with her, it was a
very positive experience for our family.

Larissa Spafford


There is no way, in a single letter, for me to impress upon you the fundamental impact Tosh’s pre-school had on our daughter and our family.

Caring and wise, Tosh created an environment that worked amazingly well for a diverse group of children. She provided a warm, caring space for the kids to explore and learn, and in a manner that was amazingly well-tailored for the different needs of the children. With an inquisitive mind and a competent understanding of the development of children, Tosh helped bring out the best in my daughter and many of the kids around her, providing a strong base to move forward in the world.

I credit my daughter’s time with Tosh and her pre-school as a significant contributor to her social and academic success today.

Ian Hinkle


While my daughter attended more than one preschool, the most exciting and rewarding preschool experience for both of us was at Discoveries. Tosh has a striking ability to honor each student’s inner capacities and guide them in the finer skills of self-awareness. She also has a way of sharing insights with parents that make a difference at home. Her approach is educational and uplifting for her students, and for the families of her students.

There were many unique and innovative aspects about the way Tosh worked in the classroom, but what impressed me the most, as both a teacher and a parent, was the quality of presence, relationship, and support she offered the children each day. As time has gone on, my daughter and I continue to benefit greatly from our time with Tosh and the Discoveries community. 

Jennifer Caine


Tosh Montee is an early childhood educator beyond compare. It is difficult to summarize here the myriad beneficial ways that my daughter, and indeed our family culture has grown as a result of knowing Tosh. 

Tosh’s ability to be creative was a great match for my daughter. She greeted my daughter’s ideas with genuine sincerity, and guided her with tender enthusiasm to ensure that she manifest her ideas, somehow.  A major emphasis of Tosh’s work is compassionate communication. The children were extremely respectful and compassionate with one another. This was a result of intentional work on Tosh’s part, setting the mood, the goals, the format and communication style for problem solving in her class.

Tosh’s photographs of the children at Discoveries reflect her ability to allow them to discover at their own pace. I hope she will share with you a brilliant series that took place over the course of the week as the children made applesauce. First they washed the fruit, then counted it, then created the number of apples in a sculpture picture made of the apples themselves. The excitement built as they actually cut up the fruit, made the sauce…And the photos of the children enjoying their creation is simply ecstatic.

Tosh encourages and guides children to engage in the wonder of the world, and to embrace their natural awe, all the while balancing intellectual concepts (in this case, math, ecology and practical skills) with social skills. And what more could we want for our children as they grow?

Jude Rubin

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